Develop the Individual and you
Develop the Organization!

The PEAR offers training and consulting services that enhance

individual and organizational performance.


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Develop the Individual and you
Develop the Organization!

The PEAR offers training and consulting services that enhance

individual and organizational performance.


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Develop the Individual and you
Develop the Organization!

The PEAR offers training and consulting services that enhance

individual and organizational performance.


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our Story

Our story began before we created “The PEAR.” Kris and I worked for a large government agency as Peace Officers and trainers. We accepted our responsibilities training a law enforcement agency within a social services department.  This training extended to both sworn and non-sworn employees in the department.

It was the late 90’s and our department had just created a training program for sworn investigators. Kris and I were two of a few chosen to be members of the training team. It was through this assignment that Kris and I met Dr. George Thompson, President and Founder of the Verbal Judo Institute. Doc Thompson was our mentor, our friend. He affectionately referred to us as his “River Dogs.” Doc Thompson instilled in us the importance of being the “Contact Professional” regardless of our title or our job duties. While Doc Thompson passed away in 2011, his words continue to inspire us as we train others across the public and private sectors.

A few years into our training gig, our department was experiencing an abnormal amount of customer complaints. Kris and I were asked to provide customer service training to department employees. In less than six months, we traveled around our county teaching over 2,000 public service employees how to maintain a professional state of mind when dealing with persons who are in crisis (emotional, mental, etc.). We received amazing reviews and as the word traveled of our training program, so was the seed planted for “The PEAR.”

We continue to provide a variety of training courses with an emphasis on self-assessment, effective communication, and professionalism. Additionally, our courses are intended to pair each individual with their full potential. We also recognize the need for organizational success therefore; we offer several courses that focus on organizational development. Please see a list of courses under the tab, “Training Courses” or allow us to create a specialized course that meets your specific needs!

OUR EXPERTISETraining and Consulting Services

Professional Development for the Individual

No matter your educational or career background, professional development is an ongoing process and should continue..

Professional Development for the Organization

It is widely believed an organization must achieve a healthy organizational culture to reach maximum production and success.

Consulting And Specialized Training

The PEAR facilitators are excited to work with you to assess your individual and organizational strengths and limitations.

“Once leaders commit to doing the deeply personal work of cutting through the layers of ego, they begin to clarify how to make an authentic contribution in all their spheres of influence.”
-Tom Gegax


As your Organizational Development Consultants, we provide both basic and developmental facilitation option, providing you a uniquely crafted training program that meets your needs.

The goal is to create and sustain a transformational change for both the individual and the organization.

PEAR offers several courses that focus on individual and organizational development.

  • Understanding and Accepting Leadership
  • The Dynamics of Followership
  • Communicating Through the Storm
  • The Color Code
  • Effective Communication
  • Empowering the Child: Answer to Childhood Bullying
  • Home Call and Personal Safety
  • Interviewing and Investigation
  • The Power of Discovery: The Courage to Lead, the Courage to Follow
  • Teams: The Key to Success
  • Managing Change
  • Conflict Management
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Active Shooter Training
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Introduction to Welfare Fraud
  • Detecting and Preventing Fraud


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TestimonialsA few words from our clients

“I enjoyed the whole course! It was very applicable towards my position in my department. The instructors were great! Thank you!”


Eligibility Tech.

“Kris and Mike were very knowledgeable. The way they presented with energy, enthusiasm and great scenarios. I really liked the PowerPoint slide show, videos and handouts provided!”


Typist Clerk

“I really appreciated the direct, practical discussions about real situations  faced by Benefit Representatives!”


Supervising Benefit Representative

“I will apply the tips and case scenario tactics to daily experiences either in the workplace, at home or when at outside locations!”


Social Worker

“This training helped me evaluate my role here at work and at home. I plan to do the ’10 second rule’ more often at work and at home!”


HR Analyst

“The training was very useful and well organized. I learned to better communicate with clients in the social services realm and more effectively identify services needed.”


Social Worker

“Practical information given, real world videos shown – Great tool to learn from. Excellent Class! Knowledgeable instructors!


Welfare Fraud Investigator

“Experienced presenters with excellent knowledge of the subject matter!”


Senior Social Worker

“I will keep my notes from the class at my desk and I will now take 10 seconds before I react; I made a small graphic regarding ‘Watch, Assess, Express’ to give myself a visual reminder of how to react to inappropriate behavior on the job!”


Benefit Rep. Trainee

“During home visits I will pay more attention to my senses, trust my instincts, prepare to de-code non-verbals, verbals, the message, eye contact, be professional and treat others with respect!”


Social Worker

Professional Consulting and Training Services executed by our devoted and passionate team! Let us create a unique training program that will meet your needs and your wants!
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