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As your Organizational Development Consultants, we provide both basic and developmental facilitation options, providing you a uniquely crafted training program that meets your specific needs. Additionally, we can assist you in enhancing Group Context, Group Process, and Group Structure, strengthening the foundation of your organization.

Your PEAR consultants are passionate about working with private, public, and non-profit organizations to pair each individual with his or her full potential. The PEAR facilitators believe, “Develop the Individual and you Develop the Organization.”

As training facilitators, we utilize self-discovery in many of the training programs offered. Self-discovery is essential to the growth and development of every individual. True self-discovery allows the individual to recognize strengths and talents as well as identify limitations. It is healthy and beneficial to identify our limitations as this is key to reaching our full potential! Once the true self is identified, true personal growth begins!



Ethical Guidelines and Core Values


Every training program and consultation  strictly adheres to these core values:

“Once leaders commit to doing the deeply personal work of cutting through the layers of ego, they begin to clarify how to make an authentic contribution in all their spheres of influence.”
-Tom Gegax

TestimonialsA few words from our clients

“I enjoyed the whole course! It was very applicable towards my position in my department. The instructors were great! Thank you!”


Eligibility Tech.

“Kris and Mike were very knowledgeable. The way they presented with energy, enthusiasm and great scenarios. I really liked the PowerPoint slide show, videos and handouts provided!”


Typist Clerk

“I really appreciated the direct, practical discussions about real situations  faced by Benefit Representatives!”


Supervising Benefit Representative

“I will apply the tips and case scenario tactics to daily experiences either in the workplace, at home or when at outside locations!”


Social Worker

Professional Consulting and Training Services executed by our devoted and passionate team! Let us create a unique training program that will meet your needs and your wants!
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