Medusa’s Revenge

Mike here! The other day, I was driving near the university and saw a group of students all standing as statues, looking down into their cell phones. I got to thinking about the Greek mythological character Medusa. This character was a woman with venomous snakes as hair and if you gazed into her face you would turn to stone.

My wife can do the same trick when mad, but I digress. I looked at the students and wondered if they looked in to the face of Medusa and turned to stone or, are they missing a great opportunity to interact with someone?
One of the greatest inventions made was the phone, which allows us to talk with family and friends around the world. The economy is bolstered by the ability to transact business via personal contact. Then came Medusa a.k.a. the smart phone. The ability to connect with someone has been replaced with the tentacles of candy crush, fortnite, youtube and the list goes on. We stare into the face of our phones yet never talk. Or, we will text or email. But aren’t we missing the personal touch?

We know communication is not just the literal words but the tone – what we say as well as how we say it. The words are interpreted more accurately when we can hear the emotion behind the words and see the emphasis illustrated by the body language. This combination allows us the opportunity to respond correctly and make a connection. Take the opportunity to look away from your phone and look into the face of someone… and connect.
What do you think? I would love to hear from you!

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