A Nation Divided?

Mike here! I was watching the news (fake/real) the other day and heard the commentators talking about how the nation is divided on so many lines. If the nation is divided, how far does it reach? What affect is the divide having on the services that are provided to those in need?

In just the past couple of years we have spent so much time talking about where we stand on Black Lives Matter, Immigration, the #MeToo movement and the list goes on. I do believe having constructive conversations on these topics can stimulate unity – if people listen to each other. It doesn’t appear however, that anyone is listening. We must be honest with ourselves and reflect how these issues affect how we carry out our duties.

We must remember, regardless of our profession, we have an obligation to set aside our personal beliefs, which we all carry with us, and remember our purpose in the performance of our duties. Our goal should be to use our professional values to carry out our job duties. For example, the parent who worked a full day and needs the help of the fast food restaurant to feed his/her children. Sometimes this is the only way a parent can ensure there is time to get the homework done and just maybe there will be some quality time to spend with the kids before bedtime. Or, think about the department manager who has staff working on all cylinders to meet deadlines or perform services for their customers. If deadlines aren’t met and customers aren’t served, the department manager and his/her staff may no longer have jobs. We must not allow our personal beliefs to interfere with our professional values and achieving our professional purpose.

The nation may be divided, I don’t know. I do know there are some very courageous people out there willing to set aside personal beliefs to step up to the “Purpose” they have been assigned.
What do you think? I would love to hear from you.

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