Professional Development for the Organization

It is widely believed an organization must achieve a healthy organizational culture to reach maximum production and success. It is the leader of an organization who is tasked with creating a vision and mission that the organization’s members can believe in and commit to. With strong, transformational leadership comes strong followership, high levels of employee engagement and ultimately increased production and customer satisfaction.

The PEAR offers courses that strive to improve and/or enhance organizational leadership. Additionally, many of our courses address organizational limitations and obstacles that hinder the organization’s ability to reach its full potential and achieve desired results.

Safety in the workplace is a major topic of discussion in today’s organizations. Employees are less likely to engage fully at work if they don’t feel safe. To address that issue, the PEAR offers courses that assist in educating employees at all levels. Employees learn how to be pro-active in creating and maintaining a safe work environment. Topics such as workplace violence, workplace bullying, and active shooter situations are addressed to create awareness and to provide possible options.

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