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The PEAR’s Leadership Academy for the Public Service Leader



The Leadership Academy encompasses three Modules: The Power of Discovery, The Public Service Leader, and Conquering Leadership Challenges. Each module addresses specific leadership skill-sets. As participants move through each module, the facilitators take great care to incorporate previous course content into current course content, ensuring a deeper understanding of all material. The following information describes each module in more detail.

Module 1:  The Power of Discovery

Self-discovery is essential to the growth and development of every individual. True self-discovery allows an individual to recognize their strengths and talents as well as positively develop those behaviors that can limit their ability to be successful, personally and professionally.

Self-discovery is achieved when an individual can look in the mirror with honesty and integrity and answer the question, “Who am I?” The answer must include the individual’s successes, failures, lessons learned, productive and destructive behaviors and beliefs – in other words, true and full self-disclosure. Once an individual finds the strength and courage to identify and own who they are, he or she can begin to grow towards their full potential. Through a deeper understanding of “self,” comes a deeper understanding of others.


Module 2:  The Public Service Leader

Research indicates public service leadership is uniquely complex. The public-service leader must satisfy multiple stakeholders, work within strict budget guidelines and staffing shortages, address public concerns of fraud, waste and abuse, all while providing much needed services to a vulnerable population.

The public-sector leader needs every advantage to meet today’s demands. Our course “The Courage to Lead, the Courage to Follow” will assist the public service leader in understanding there is a time to lead and a time to follow, regardless of official organizational titles. Recognizing and utilizing talent throughout the organization is key to achieving organizational performance standards.

The public-sector leader must also create a positive organizational culture, which includes addressing issues of diversity and ensuring the highest level of ethical standards. Our diversity and ethics courses highlight the importance of these issues and provides a sound foundation of information for the public-service leader.

Module 3:  Conquering Leadership Challenges

While public-sector leaders face a number of challenges, researchers agree a variety of leadership skills are required to address a number of complicated situations experienced within public-sector organizations. Module 3 introduces conflict management techniques and change-leadership models to assist the public-service leader in tackling everyday challenges. The leadership series concludes with “Understanding Team Dynamics.” Recognizing and understanding the stages a team experiences allows the public-service leader to monitor and assess the team and individuals. It is only through teamwork that true public service is achieved.

“Once leaders commit to doing the deeply personal work of cutting through the layers of ego, they begin to clarify how to make an authentic contribution in all their spheres of influence.”
-Tom Gegax

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